Your Personal Online Shopper To Find A Gift For Someone Who Has Everything

Contact Jan, Your Personal Online Shopper to Find a Gift For Someone Who Has Everything If you have been searching the internet looking for a gift and find the selection overwhelming, I offer my services as a Personal Online Shopper. All you need to do is contact me through online chat, or through email. We will have a brief conversation to find out who the gift is for, and a bit about them. Then you will just pay a small fee and I do the work for you and send you a few options of wonderful gifts for your someone special. If there is a coupon code so you can save I will provide that too. Then you just need to click on the link and make the purchase. Saves you time and frustration at gift giving time.

I have extensive retail experience and, if I do say so myself, very good taste.

If you just need help on the site, or finding something particular on the site, that is free. Just contact me on live chat or send an email!

My background:

I spent many years as the manager of a fashion boutique for a upscale and popular national chain. You can see where my passion came from, and I am very passionate about this site. I work on it 7 days a week :-)

In 2003 I was looking for gifts for someone who had everything. I had no idea what to buy. I searched the internet and I found the resources were limited so I thought why not create a site and give others the resources that I find in my search. That is how this site came to be.

This site is a passion to me and I take great pride in not only how it looks but what I bring to the site for you to view. My goal is to help you find a unique gift that will make your someone special in your life happy, as well as make an income. But to be honest, making an income would not make me happy if you, my visitors, are not happy. So when I see the return visitor numbers going up I know I am doing something right :-)

Contact me now and let's discuss what type of gift you are looking for.