Standard & Unique Fitness Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything

We all know that exercise is good for us. It not only strengthens our muscles and protect our joints, but also helps our mood. As well, as we age it can protect us from falls. For many exercise is a way of life, spending many hours a week in the pursuit of a better body. We showcase standard and unique fitness products such as a treadmill, elliptical trainers, exercise bike, gym equipment, and much more.

Incredible Low Impact Foldaway Strider

The Low Impact Foldaway Strider.

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Fitness Fun Stowable Full Body Exercise Bike

The Stowable Full Body Exercise Bike.

Make It Personal - TRX Training - Biceps Curl

A total-body workout.

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Handy Walker's Foldaway Treadmill

The Walker's Foldaway Treadmill.

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Exercise & sports equipment.

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Fun Foldaway Stepper Bike

The Foldaway Stepper Bike.

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Fitness equipment & workout gear.

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Incredible Back and Core Strengthener

The Back and Core Strengthener.

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More Personally Picked Fitness Gift Ideas

Compact Core Exerciser

The Compact Core Exerciser.

Using no electricity, this is the compact trainer that simulates cantering on a horse to strengthen and tone the core muscles. Exercisers sit on the padded saddle, rest their feet on a rubberized bar, grasp the padded adjustable handlebar, and shift their weight backward to put the device’s drivewheel in motion. As the saddle rotates at a moderate 40 rpm or less, it requires the rider to engage lumbar muscles, abs, glutes, and thighs, building core strength to help prevent back injuries and improve balance and posture.

Impressive Four Minute Core Trainer

The Four Minute Core Trainer.

This is the handheld kinetic resistance trainer that gives time-starved fitness seekers a total core workout in just four minutes at home or the office. The culmination of 16 years of research and 36 global patents, this core trainer delivers the benefits of four full-size gym machines by simultaneously activating 46 core muscles and eight arm muscles. As users draw their torso in from a seated, standing, or supine position, the trainer’s upper and lower power modules independently provide variable resistance. The result is an intense core and arm-strengthening workout you can perform in far less time than with complicated, cumbersome devices or free weights that require a dozen different exercises and 30-50 minutes.

Amazing 50 Exercise Fold Away Gym

The 50 Exercise Fold Away Gym.

This is the home resistance gym that provides a 50-exercise body-sculpting workout, yet easily folds flat to store under a bed or in a closet. Instead of cumbersome weights, the gym uses six elastic cords that provide three levels of bi-directional resistance (5 lbs.-74 lbs.) by simply adjusting integrated carabiner clips.

Core Toning Twister Board - looks like fun

The Core Toning Twister Board.

This is the curved exercise board that provides a low-impact workout on any surface. Its unique design enables users to stand on each end and tone abdominals, quads, and calves by simply twisting the waist.

Easiest Use Inversion Chair

The Easiest Use Inversion Chair.

This is the inversion chair that one enters and exits from a comfortable seated position. Unlike common inversion benches with a flat surface that require one to strap themselves in while standing and struggle to flip backwards, this model makes the process of entering and exiting as simple as taking a seat or getting up from the kitchen table. The chair gently stretches the back using only gravity and enables you to control and maintain a comfortable degree of inversion via an adjustable nylon strap.

Remarkable Climbing Wall Treadmill

The Climbing Wall Treadmill.

This is the climbing wall with a continuously revolving face that enables endless vertical climbs. The face of the wall consists of hand- and foot-holds on individual panels that revolve like an upright treadmill, allowing climbers to scale to the height of Mt. Everest in their own home.

Unique Outdoor Strider

The Outdoor Strider.

Designed to withstand the elements, this is the exercise machine that provides a low-impact workout outdoors. This weather-resistant construction enables a joint-friendly cardiovascular workout in the fresh air and sunshine, an environment that researchers have found encourages longer and more satisfying exercise sessions.

Amazing Mixed Martial Arts Trainer

The Mixed Martial Arts Trainer.

This is the interactive mixed martial arts trainer that challenges users to spar with a video avatar. Used by professional UFC competitors, the commercial-grade trainer is designed for beginners to advanced fighters and lets athletes design a customized full-body workout using the 22"-high LCD touch screen.

Remarkable Water Rower

The Water Rower.

This is the machine that uses the natural density of water to provide the most accurate rowing experience available. Unlike air system flywheels that only provide resistance at the beginning of a stroke and taper off, this rower provides consistent resistance for the duration of a stroke as its patented flywheel operates against water contained in its 4 1/4-gallon reservoir.

Fitbit Blaze Watch

The Fitbit Blaze Watch.

This is the fitness watch that keeps a real-time record of day and night activity conveniently close at hand. Data captured via Bluetooth connectivity includes heart rate, calories burned, hours slept, steps taken, distance traveled, elevation, and stairs climbed. The hi-resolution color touchscreen delivers a crisp, clear visual readout and also offers a variety of faces from which to choose.


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