Soul Soothing Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything

We showcase aromatherapy, essential oils, a aroma diffusers, luxury toiletry, soft music, relaxation items, water fountain, bath bombs, candles, spa basket, a facial, and more. These are a perfect present for someone who needs a bit of pampering, plus a lovely gift for Mother's Day.

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Coconut Pear Spa Assortment

Coconut Pear Spa Assortment

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Tocca Luxury Candle Set

Tocca Luxury Candle Set

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Comfort Candle

Comfort Candle

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Whether aromatherapy, essential oils, a aroma diffusers, luxury toiletry, soft music, relaxation gifts, water fountain, bath bombs, candles, spa gift basket, a facial, and more your someone who has everything will love these.


More Personally Picked Soul Soothing Gift Ideas

Authentic Tibetan Prayer Wheels

The Authentic Tibetan Prayer Wheels.

This is the authentic prayer device found in the public spaces and temples of Tibet that grants one the opportunity to spin five wheels in meditative prayer.

Tranquility Spa Collection

Tranquility Spa Collection

Fragranced lavender bathing salts, honey and coconut hand and body moisturizers, a rustic citrus basil candle and more make this hand selected gift the quintessential collection of an ultimate spa experience. Hand-tied with a satin robin's egg blue ribbon, it's the perfect gift to offer someone who deserves a little pampering.

Opulent Spa Basket

Opulent Spa Basket

An opulent, luxurious spa basket is the perfect way to pamper anyone. Soothing scrubs, fragrant soaps and lotions, spa tools and so much more overflow from this keepsake basket, creating an enduring gift that won't soon be forgotten.

Relaxing Retreat Spa Gift

Relaxing Retreat Spa Gift

Each bath and body essential in this gift is specifically chosen to reduce stress, promote relaxation and provide time alone to unwind and rejuvenate. Mineral aromatherapy bath salts from the Dead Sea feature anxiety-reducing essential oils of sage and tangerine, while the fine soaps, spa tools and glowing candle ensure a time of tranquility. The finishing touch is a 4'' x 6'' artisan journal with 144 lined pages to provide a creative outlet before, during or after the relaxing soak.

Aromatherapy Spa Gift

Aromatherapy Spa Gift

Everyone deserves a little pampering. Send this soothing gift of aromatherapy spa soaks in eucalyptus, peppermint, tangerine and rosemary scents, along with a collection of bath and body essentials from Kiss My Face. Artfully arranged in a decorative suede hat box that's perfect for repurposing, this is a spa gift that's designed to be relished and remembered.

Spa Booties with Lavender Aromatherapy Gift Set

Spa Booties with Lavender Aromatherapy Gift Set

Take a seat, put up feet, and treat tired soles to instant, soothing warmth with a pair of luxurious warming spa booties, made even more enjoyable by lavender aromatherapy and an option to include a lavish set of lavender spa products.

Sleep Enhancing Headband

The Sleep Enhancing Headband.

This is the headband that optimizes the quality of your slumber with a series of self-adjusting rhythmic binaural beats. It gently calms the brain’s level of activity, helping lull one to sleep and maintain a peaceful hibernation. While asleep, the device monitors brain wave activity using conductive fabric sensors and adjusts its rhythmic beats to help you maintain a deep sleep status.

Personalized Art Therapy Coloring Book

The Personalized Art Therapy Coloring Book.

This is the adult coloring book personalized with a recipients name that encourages therapeutic release through creativity. The book contains 100 pages of intricate, hand-drawn black-and-white designs, ranging from a twisted trunk tree to a full-spread rhinoceros, that allows a recipient to destress from life's daily pressures or rediscover a forgotten pastime.

Eternal Zen Water Canvas

The Eternal Zen Water Canvas.

This is the canvas that reinforces a perpetual zen-like mindset when its owner’s water-based, slate-grey creations evaporate in minutes. Made from a proprietary, natural material, the canvas absorbs water from strokes made with the included brush, which disappear in about three minutes, encouraging one to live in the moment.

8,820 Acupressure Points Mat

The 8,820 Acupressure Points Mat.

This is the mat that employs the healing touch of 8,820 strategically positioned plastic nibs to stimulate the body’s acupressure points, increasing blood flow and promoting well-being. Rather than applying pressure from the fingertips, a user’s own body weight works with the mat’s ABS plastic nibs to help relieve back pain, loosen tense muscles, and achieve a state of calm and relaxation.

Massaging Heated Cuddle

The Massaging Heated Cuddle.

This is the massaging heated wrap that soothes sore muscles and joints with invigorating massage. Spread across the back from the lumbar region to the shoulder blades, the eight vibration motors relax tired muscles with two intensity levels while imperceptible PVC-coated carbon fiber heating elements built into the wrap’s soft, plush microfleece produce three levels of deep-penetrating far-infrared heat that stimulates blood circulation to loosens muscles.

Cordless Portable Shiatsu Massager

The Cordless Portable Shiatsu Massager.

This is the cordless massager that provides portable muscle relief similar to shiatsu therapy when away from an outlet. its four powerful massage nodes rotate to help knead stubborn knots, loosen tense muscles, and improve circulation. The massager can be set to rotate forwards (with or without heat) or backwards using a single button. Ideal for use in home, at the office, or while traveling, the massager’s unique shape contours around the neck, shoulders, back, thighs, or calves.

Stress Tension Knot Reducing Massager

The Stress Tension Knot Reducing Massager.

This is the heated shiatsu massager that gently tends to your neck and shoulders, kneading away stress, tension, and knots. A touch of the handheld controller starts the same kind of massage used by massage and physical therapists as a pain-reliever and stress-reducer. Two nodes massage the back of your neck down to your upper shoulder blades, recreating the sensation of human hands rubbing away tension. Four heated massage balls generate gentle heat to loosen and calm tired muscles.

Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome

The Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome.

This is the lamp that utilizes the ancient remedy of halotherapy to help treat respiratory ailments. Made with genuine Himalayan salt the lamp employs the millennia old remedy first introduced by Hippocrates in ancient Greece. Using an included 15-watt bulb, the lamp gently heats the dome, releasing airborne salt particles charged with negative ions.

Any Surface Full Body Massage Pad

The Any Surface Full Body Massage Pad.

This is the flexible vibration massage pad that provides relaxing, full-body massage on soft or irregular surfaces such as beds, couches, or chairs. Unlike typical massage pads that require a solid, unbroken surface for operation, this one flexes at four points, allowing you to drape it over a lounger, chair, or any piece of sitting/reclining furniture. Its 20 individual 2"-thick foam-cushioned sections allow you to relax on any surface on which it is placed without pressure points.

Serene Meditating Buddha

Serene Meditating Buddha

This Serene Meditating Buddha with his simple, elegantly draped robe has a bald head, an attribute scholars believe was true of the living Buddha. Carved entirely by hand (front, sides, and back) from non-endangered suar wood, the naturally occurring contrasts of light and dark assure that each sculpture is one-of-a-kind.

Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse

The Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse.

This is the device that combines deep tissue shiatsu, compression, and heat for an invigorating foot massage that rivals those given by a professional masseuse. Users simply tuck each foot into the soft cloth-lined pockets for a vigorous 15-minute session. Unlike lesser vibration massagers that provide meek, superficial treatment, this unit's six slowly rotating nodes focus deep, penetrating shiatsu massage along the full length of the soles, while two additional nodes target tension on either side of the heel.

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