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Are you looking for a gift that's remarkable, exceptional, or absolutely unique? This is where we showcase unique gadgets, retro goodies, personalized items, historical goods, hard to find luxury items, innovative goodies, fun stuff and tons more. Have a look, you're sure to find a gift as unique as the person you’re shopping for.

The Virtual Reality Headset

The Virtual Reality Headset.

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Pick up a unique gift at Brookstone!Specialty & Unique Items. Offering unique and unusual items for home, office, electronics, fitness you will find that they carry so many things that are not not widely available anywhere else.


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Shop Novica for unique and unusual artisan gifts!Unique Artisan Treasures. Offering fine art, home decor, artisan crafted jewelry and so much more. More than 30,000 unique, handmade pieces.




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GiftTree: Curated Collections of Coveted CreationsAll Sorts of Goodies. You will find a wide selection of baskets and totes, wine baskets, beer baskets, fruit baskets, soul soothing baskets, flowers, plants and so much more.



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Citybug2 Electric Scooter with Lights

Citybug2 Electric Scooter with Lights?Made Exclusively for Brookstone!

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Shop Smithsonianstore for a unique gift! Unique Historical Items. Each of the products they offer are inspired by the interesting, unique and historic items found in the vast collections of the Smithsonian museums. They offer jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decor, books, toys and more.

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Unique Life Experiences. Find more than 2,000 unique and memorable experience gifts in 51 regions. Starting at under $100 and ranging from dinner cruises to wine events, scuba diving, skydiving, sports events and so much more!




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The Imbiber’s Delight.

The Imbiber’s Delight.

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Hammacher Schlemmer Unique & Unusul Items. You will find a large selection of electronics (including gadgets, cameras and more), apparel (from hats to shoes and everything in-between), home (decorative, practical and safety) sports & leisure (indoor, outdoor and memorabilia), toys for young and old, personal care (from exercise to soul soothing), outdoor from furniture to outdoor games, and so much more.

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Cool Retro Gifts and Decor from RetroPlanet.comUnique Retro Items. Offering cool retro, collectibles, bar items, decor, lots of fun and decade goodies. You will find something unique and unusual here. Great place to shop for Boomers.



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Kashmiri Hand-Carved Wooden Book/Tablet Easel

Kashmiri Hand-Carved Wooden Book/Tablet Easel

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Lots of Goodies. Offering books, DVDs, music, toys, games, home items, exclusive items, and more!




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Shop Modern Artisans!Fun Stuff. They offer high quality, yet affordable, fine craft works shaped by the hands of contemporary American artisans. You will find art decor, garden decor, home decor, jewelry and so much more. Many of their offerings are limited quantities so you will see their selection changes often. Their goods are fun and fabulous.


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Limited Edition Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

Limited Edition Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

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Shop Unique Personalized Gifts at Personal Creations!Unique Personalized Items. They offer thousands of one-of-a-kind items, for every occasion, that you can personalize.


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Shop Potpourri!Affordable Unique Goodies. They offer unique selections of items to make every occasion, every holiday special. You will find hundreds of affordable novelty apparel and decorative accents for home and garden, including distinctive plaques, prints, figurines, collectibles, jewelry and personalized items.

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The Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium.

The Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium.

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Find personalized gifts for all occasions at Personalized Items. They offer unique treats such as gold dipped rose collection, gourmet baskets, mugs, picture frames, signs, ornaments, golf goodies, and so much more.




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Shop PersonalizationMall!Personalized Items. Offering over 300 exclusive designs which includes designs for sweethearts, sports & leisure, pets, specific occupations, and even designs that you can personalize with your own photo!

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Peek a Boo Cat Beanie Hat.

Peek a Boo Cat Women's Beanie Hat

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Fun & Unique GiftsFun For The Kid In Anyone. Check the largest selection of fun and functional goodies that includes home and garden, clothing, office, toys and games. But don't expect to see what you would at a 'normal' store. These are a must see and, trust me, there is lots to see!



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Boy Meets Girl  You're Irresistible Couple GiftsUnique Romantic Items. They offer romantic gifts for couples. You can find pillow cases, glasses, mugs, tshirts and more that are perfect for wedding or anniversary present.


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Baroque Christmas Tree Snowglobe

Baroque Christmas Tree Snowglobe

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Give the gift of history at Ancenstry!Give a Gift of Their History. What a unique, and special, present to give!


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Shop Blick for art gifts!For Your Artist Or Budding Artist. They are the premier art supplies source for professional artists, students and teachers with more than 60,000 products in stock. You will find paints, brushes, easels, pencils, studio equipment and more. Plus they offer wonderful craft supplies. Everything an artist, or budding artist, would love.

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Pick up a unique home or garden gift at Design Toscano!Exotic Home Decor. You can find specialty home and garden decor, reproduction furniture and accessories, indoor and outdoor statuary (including fountains), and exotic, one-of-a-kind home and garden accents. They also offer exclusive sculptures (medieval, Gothic, dragon, gargoyle, angel sculptures), furniture, statues, wall art, tapestries, stained glass and decorative furnishings. Many items are unavailable elsewhere.

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Personally Picked Unique Gift Ideas

The Hand Inlaid Greek Olive Burl Backgammon Set.

The Hand Inlaid Greek Olive Burl Backgammon Set. This is the backgammon set that is crafted in Greece from local olive wood and hand-inlaid with accents hewn from other Mediterranean trees. The regulation-size board showcases the one-of-a-kind swirls and grain of the burls from an olive trunk.

Retro Rocket Table Clock

Retro Rocket Table Clock. An iconic symbol of the dawn of the space age, this magnificent Retro Rocket Table Clock includes a retro 50’s dial, hatch windows, and antenna. Polished aluminum, brass.

The Best Heated Car Seat Pad.

The Best Heated Car Seat Pad heats up in minutes and its tethered control provides three modes: high, low, and off. With a polyester satin cover, built-in foam padding, and four elastic straps for easy installation. Plugs into DC car outlet.

The Shirt Pocket Video Drone.

The Shirt Pocket Video Drone. At only 5 1/2" long x 2 3/4" wide when closed, this is the drone that folds up to the size of smartphone and slips into a shirtpocket. Its four 2"-long microelectric propeller motors deploy from each corner, forming a craft that quickly ascends, descends, and nimbly turns in any direction—as well as laterally sideslips left/right—with an easy-to-master radio remote from up to 100' away.

The Organized Traveler's Ultra Light Carry On.

The Organized Traveler's Ultra Light Carry On. This compact carry-on keeps essentials handy while flying or sightseeing yet weighs less than 3/4 lb., so travelers won’t feel bogged down. The rain-resistant 300T polyester bag fits a tablet in its rear compartment, while the front space is subdivided into pouches and zippered pockets for organizing a passport, guidebook, sunscreen, and other tourist must-haves.

Collector's Edition Connect 4

Collector's Edition Connect 4. Invest in a classic game that will last for generations to come. This Collector's Edition Connect 4 is handcrafted from solid oak and walnut (including the game pieces). Instructions included.

The Laser Guided Parking Attendant.

The Laser Guided Parking Attendant. This is the motion activated parking aide that guides two cars into a garage with laser-precise driving prowess. Unlike obtrusive, unsightly solutions such as a tennis ball suspended from a string, the device mounts discreetly to a garage ceiling to help prevent bumper-bashing collisions with a lawnmower, ladder, or rear wall.

The Path Illuminating Shoe Lights.

The Path Illuminating Shoe Lights. This is the pair of LED lights that attach to your shoes to illuminate the path ahead for safer, hands-free nocturnal jogging and walking. Each light produces 75 lumens, throwing light up to 15 meters in front of you across a 270 swath. The ultra-lightweight, water-resistant lights clip securely to your shoelaces.

The Personalized Art Therapy Coloring Book.

The Personalized Art Therapy Coloring Book. This is the adult coloring book personalized with a recipients name that encourages therapeutic release through creativity. The book contains 100 pages of intricate, hand-drawn black-and-white designs, ranging from a twisted trunk tree to a full-spread rhinoceros, that allows a recipient to destress from life's daily pressures or rediscover a forgotten pastime.

The International Traveler's GPS Tablet.

The International Traveler's GPS Tablet. This is the tablet computer with GPS that provides guidance even without an Internet connection. The tablet’s built-in GPS radio determines where you are, plots your location on the map app, and provides directions to any destination, all without requiring connection to Wi-Fi or a cellular network.

The Live Feed Video Drone.

The Live Feed Video Drone. This is the flying camera drone that sends live video to its remote from up to a half-mile away. The drone has a remote control with a 5" color LCD that shows live aerial views as the drone cruises through the air.

The Eternal Zen Water Canvas.

The Eternal Zen Water Canvas. This is the canvas that reinforces a perpetual zen-like mindset when its owner’s water-based, slate-grey creations evaporate in minutes. Made from a proprietary, natural material, the canvas absorbs water from strokes made with the included brush, which disappear in about three minutes, encouraging one to live in the moment.

The Electric Gyroboard Transporter.

The Electric Gyroboard Transporter. This is the electric transporter controlled entirely by subtle movements in a rider’s feet. Gyro sensors and accelerometers in both wheels detect the slightest pressure of the rider’s feet.

The World's First 3D Printing Pen.

The World's First 3D Printing Pen. This is the only pen that creates three-dimensional plastic drawings. Instead of releasing ink, this pen extrudes warm thermoplastic that hardens within seconds, allowing you to create three-dimensional freehand drawings.

If you don't see what you think they will love here drop me a note on live chat or if I am online you can ask me directly. You can also email me and I would happily help you find that perfect present!