Music Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything

Are you looking for a present for the next great Pop Diva, Hip Hop phenom or Rock Star? Or maybe they just love to listen or sing along. We've a great selection of guitars, drums, dj equipment, studio equipment and more. All are wonderful choices as a present for music lovers, budding musicians or experienced virtuosos. With the gift ideas on this page they can learn to play an instrument, perfect their skills or compose and mix their own music adventure. For those who just want to listen, we have some cools stuff and novelties for them too. The wonderful thing about music and musical gifts are they become part of the person for the rest of their life.

Rock And Sports Fanatic's Electric Guitar

The Rock And Sports Fanatic's Electric Guitar.

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Easy Setup Audiophile's Wireless Surround Sound System

The Easy Setup Audiophile's Wireless Surround Sound System.

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Maximum Comfort Lambskin Neodymium Headphones (Wireless)

The Maximum Comfort Lambskin Neodymium Headphones (Wireless).

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DVD Playing Tablet Computer

The Only DVD Playing Tablet Computer.

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High Accuracy Tracking Turntable

The High Accuracy Tracking Turntable.

High-Quality iPod/iPhone Accessories

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Space Saving Vertical Victrola

The Space Saving Vertical Victrola.

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Artisan music collection.

Through music and the instruments that are made by artisans - African, Brazilian, Peruvian and Indian instruments including the Djembe, Cajon, Quena, Panpipe, Bougarabou, Charango, Khim & Andean flute!

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More Personally Picked Music Gift Ideas

Hearing Enhancing Music Clarifier

The Hearing Enhancing Music Clarifier.

This is the device that enhances your music listening experience by customizing audio output to your unique hearing profile. A free app compatible with iOS or Android devices measures eight frequencies per ear to test your hearing, then creates a custom listening profile, and automatically adjusts output levels to increase the number of notes and tone ranges heard. Unlike sound amplifiers that simply increase the volume and risk auditory damage, this device tailors tones and levels specific to your hearing abilities (like a graphic equalizer) by gently increasing or decreasing treble, mid, or bass output for each individual ear.

Prismatic Speaker Sphere

The Prismatic Speaker Sphere.

This is the wireless spherical speaker with prismatic LEDs that let you tune its color to suit the mood or music. The speaker’s 12 internal LEDs can be set to glow white or in one of six colors (red, green, blue, yellow, turquoise, violet), cycle through thousands of shades of the color spectrum, or flash in time to music. The speaker pairs with a Bluetooth device from up to 30' away and streams music through a full-range 3" driver that delivers clear audio even at full volume.

LP And Cassette To CD/Digital Converter

The LP And Cassette To CD/Digital Converter.

This is the combination recorder and stereo system that preserves classic vinyl records and cassette tapes by recording them to audio CDs or converting the songs to MP3s. It faithfully transfers an LP or cassette to a digital audio CD-R or CD-R/RW, and at any time during recording you can pause to select only certain songs, turn the album or cassette over, and change albums or cassettes to make compilation recordings.

Auto parts lamp. 'Rustic Rock 'n Roll' (Mexico)

Auto parts lamp. 'Rustic Rock 'n Roll' (Mexico)

Awaiting the next set, a rock musician's guitar becomes a novel lamp. Armando Ramrez recycles an amazing assortment of recycled metal and automobile parts as rustic art. A chain depicts the frets while a screw, corrugated wire and metal bits left from a die cutter adorn it. A starter cap, bearing cap, screws and wire all find a place. The switch is located on the cord, and a jute lampshade crowns the lamp.

Electric Guitar Starter Pack

The Electric Guitar Starter Pack.

This is the professional-sized electric guitar set that comes with everything a budding musician needs to get started with confidence. The set includes a solid-body guitar designed with the beginner in mind: low string height and light-gauge strings that make forming chords easy to master, two single-core pickups and a humbucking pickup that generate a variety of tones to suit the widest of musical tastes, and a 30-watt practice amplifier that produces a clean or overdriven sound.

Rock Musician's Genuine Stylophone

The Rock Musician's Genuine Stylophone.

This is the miniature analog synthesizer invented in 1967 that is played using a stylus. Renowned for its use by The Beatles, Queen, Rick Wakeman, and hundreds more during the late 60s and early 70s, the original stylophone produced only one sound from its 1 1/2-octave keyboard and built-in speaker. This model—reintroduced after a 32-year hiatus by the son of the original inventor—generates 20 additional sounds (as well as its classic original sound) while retaining the vibrato switch that added the classic pulsating effect to David Bowie’s Space Oddity.

All Media Jukebox

The All Media Jukebox.

This is the only full size jukebox that plays music from records, smartphones, CDs, iPods, SD Cards, and the radio. It is inspired by the legendary Deutsche-Wurlitzer model 1015 jukebox with seven color-changing LEDs that illuminate the machine with red, blue, and green hues. Ideal for vinyl collectors of retro rock ’n roll, the jukebox contains an integrated microprocessor-controlled three-speed turntable that plays 33 1/3-, 45-, and 78-rpm records. The jukebox also connects wirelessly to an iPhone or Android via Bluetooth to access one’s preferred playlist.

Bluetooth Sound Enhancing Amplifier

The Bluetooth Sound Enhancing Amplifier.

This is the hybrid vacuum tube amplifier that pairs with any Bluetooth music device to provide superior audio performance.

Pokémon Noise Isolating Earbuds with Mic

Pokémon Noise Isolating Earbuds w/ Mic

Now you can further augment your already augmented reality of Pokémon Go with these Pokémon Noise Isolating Earbuds...

Tap A Tune Musical Gloves

The Tap A Tune Musical Gloves.

These are the musical gloves that convert any surface into a keyboard thanks to embedded sensors that play a tone at the tap of a finger. When pressed against a firm surface, each fingertip plays a different note; as on a real piano, moving from left to right ascends a major scale, with the left glove handling the bass clef and the right glove playing the treble.

Firefly Pick - The Lightshow Guitar Pick

Firefly Pick - The Lightshow Guitar Pick - Sky Blue

Now we can let music light the way literally with this Firefly Pick. With a 3.5mm 10mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and a tiny LED, the Firefly Pick creates a rhythmic light show timed with your strumming, plucking, or thrashing...

Reed zampona panpipe

Reed zampona panpipe, 'Andean Panpipe' (Peru)

An instrument dating back to the Inca Empire, this panpipe features eleven reed tubes of graduated length are bound by colorful textiles. Known as a zampo'a, this traditional Andean panpipe is handcrafted by Benito Tito. Selecting the reeds according to size, Tito sands them and aligns them with precision. They are held in place with nylon monofilament and covered with synthetic fabric.

Mobile Blastmaster

The Mobile Blastmaster.

This is the portable stereo system that optimizes the 30 year-old concept of the portable audio player by blasting your music at backyard or tailgate parties. Built onto a steel chassis that rolls on four 10"-diam. pneumatic tires over any terrain, including sand and snow, it is pulled along and steered with an integrated wagon handle.

A fun music mug!

Creative Musical Theme Violin Design Handle Ceramic Coffee Mug

A fun music mug!

Guitar Salad Servers

Guitar Salad Servers

Start your meal on a high note and amplify your enjoyment with this serving set, crafted in gleaming stainless steel.

Wood charango guitar

Wood charango guitar, 'Andean Song' (Peru)

Original and beautiful, this handsome charango combines pinewood, walnut wood and congona wood. The ten-string Andean instrument is a South American version of the European mandolin, originally crafted from the shell of an armadillo.

Wood djembe drum

Wood djembe drum, 'Ultimate' (Ghana)

Robert K. Ghartey finds inspiration in Ghanas musical and textile traditions for the elegant design of this djembe drum. It is carved by hand from tweneboa wood featuring the unique edwene asa patterns found in kente cloths.

Music soothes the soul and is wonderful to give. whether it is a recording, a guitar, drums, dj equipment, studio equipment, a present so they can learn to play an instrument, a music adventure and more, you can find it right here.



If you are having trouble finding a gift for your someone who has everything drop me a note on live chat or if I am online you can ask me directly. You can also email me and I would happily help you find that perfect present!