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Jan CarrollI started this site back in 2003 from a passion I had from my early years of working in retail. My experience of not being able to find unique presents for the people in my life who had everything or were hard to buy for, created a desire to make it easier for people to find everything all in one place, so I created this site.

I want you to enjoy your shopping experience, in fact have some FUN. How, well besides what I have listed above I am writing articles, with a personal story in each, and where I give you a personal point of view on gift ideas to help you decide on the perfect present. Check them out here. Also, check out our great blog.

I live in Burnaby, B.C. Canada

My background:

I spent many years as the manager of a fashion boutique for a upscale and popular national chain. You can see where my passion came from, and I am very passionate about this site. I work on it 7 days a week :-)

I am thrilled, daily, by your visits and kind words.

Jan Carroll

A Personal Disclaimer:

I have had a chronic illness, colitis. For as long as I can remember I have had to deal with this. Sometimes it has been manageable, but many times it has not.  The struggle with this illness became harder to deal with around the time I started this site. I am now considered 'disabled' and can no longer work outside of my home.  Why I am telling you this?  Certainly not to get sympathy.  I don't like to disclose this at all.  But I do think it is important that my visitors know that this is a very important site to me in so many ways. 

It certainly has been a tough few years with all the changes in a particular search engine. It's very hard to be found, even though I personally work this site every day. So if you are reading this I have to tell you I am so happy you found us. If you would like this site to continue please ensure your cookies are turned on, this means that if you decide to buy something I receive a small commission. Yep, that keeps us going.

This site is a passion to me and I take great pride in not only how it looks but what I bring to the site for you to view. My goal is to help you find a unique gift that will make your someone special in your life happy, as well as make an income. But to be honest, making an income would not make me happy if you, my visitors, are not happy. So when I see the return visitor numbers going up I know I am doing something right :-)

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Bill RodgersBill Rodgers is my partner at, as well as my partner (husband) in life.

He is an artist and the internet as one of his many canvases. He does the majority of graphic work, the visual you see, on our site. Billy is also my 'go to' person when I am picking gifts for guys. If I am in doubt of whether a guy would like what I have personally picked I run it by Billy. So blame him if you don't like it ;-)



More About For Someone Who Has Everything:

The content of this web site is written and edited by me, Jan Carroll, owner of Any reviews are based on my honest opinions, findings, or experiences of products on this site. If I do not have personal experience with a product I will give you my review of their site and what I have seen they are offering only and not my personal recommendation. I am also the one who picks the 'personally picked gifts'. Hope you like them!

We do not sell or distribute, carry inventory or process sales transactions. What we have done is create an 'internet mall' of stores to make it easier for you to find a unique gift all in one place. When you click on an image or a link this action then connects you to the store where these items are sold. They will process your purchase and handle the delivery details.

We may receive compensation / commission as we are a pay for performance service. This means that when you click on a link, and you are taken to another site to purchase the item, if you do purchase the item we may receive a commission. If you click to another site but do not make a purchase we do not receive a commission.

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