Gifts For A Pet And The People Who Love Their Pets

We showcase fun pet toys, cute pet houses, unusual pet dishes, fun pet presents, pet sculptures and so many more goodies for your furry friends. Whether it's something for your pet, or a present for a pet lover, you will find cool items for them here.

Canine Splash Pool

The Canine Splash Pool.

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The best gifts, for best friends!

They are the largest online retailer of pet clothing but they also offer over 20,000 products from toys, treats and beds, to bowls, collars, and leashes.

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Personalized Pet'sTravel Bag

The Personalized Pet'sTravel Bag.

Shop Animal Den

Animal lovers gift shop.

Offering items on specific animals, pets, dogs, cats, wildlife, etc. Over 9000 products. Huge dog breed section. Plus shirts, plush animals, calendars, mugs, address labels, mousepads & more.

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Mouse Cave Pet Bed

Mouse Cave Pet Bed

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Pet supplies.

They offer a wide variety of pet supplies including flea & tick medication, joint care supplements, pet shampoos, pet toys & treats and much more for dogs, cats, horses, fish, birds and more.

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Feline's Laser Chasing Scratch Post

The Feline's Laser Chasing Scratch Post.

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Natural pet products.

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Metal Cat Wine Bottle Stopper

Metal Cat Wine Bottle Stopper

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Wild bird products.

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Gold Accented Safari Glasses

Gold Accented Safari Glasses

Botanic Choice Vitamins and Herbs

Natural health pet products.

They offer a new line of natural pet health products from Dr. Goodpet. The line features 17 products for dogs and cats including homeopathic medicine, digestive enzymes, pure shampoo, natural flea control, and more.


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More Personally Picked Gift Ideas

Fun Pet Carrier

The Hippest Pet Carrier.

This is the pet carrier inspired by the iconic Volkswagen camper van emblematic of the 1960’s. Modeled after the 1965 VW Type 2 (a.k.a. The Bus), the carrier possesses the trademark two-tone color, round headlights, and classic hood ornament of the original. Ideal for a hepcat’s hip cat—or dog, the carrier helps transport flower power pets to epic music festivals, peace-inspired protests, and other groovy get-togethers.

High Definition Birding Camera

The High Definition Birding Camera.

This is the high-definition digital birding camera that detects motion and automatically snaps pictures or records video using a lens designed for close ups. The weather-resistant camera captures HD photographs up to 12 MP or HD video up to 720p when it senses motion within its 85' range and 52 field-of-view.

Pain Soothing Memory Foam Pet Bed

The Pain Soothing Memory Foam Pet Bed.

This is the pet bed with dimensional memory foam that helps ease the joints of a senior dog or cat. Unlike common pet beds that are little more than a cotton-filled floor pillow and offer no orthopedic support, this model soothes and cushions pets by relieving pressure points on tired bones and aching joints. The 3 1/2"-thick memory foam pad comfortably molds around a pet’s body and creates a cozy place for aging pets to relax and slumber.

Feline's Litter Room

The Feline's Litter Room.

This is the wood bench that keeps an unsightly litterbox hidden in plain sight. The main compartment conceals most standard litter boxes, with a cutout that allows a cat easy entry and exit, and a hinged door that provides full access for cleaning. A drawer above the litter room and a cabinet with two shelves to its left (one adjustable) let you discreetly store litter, cleaning supplies, toys, and other feline necessities nearby.

Cat Treat Jar & Food Bowl

Cat Treat Jar & Food Bowl

Indulge your favorite feline with gourmet accessories—a Treat Jar with sealed lid and a microwave- and dishwasher-safe Water/Food Bowl. Handmade in ceramic stoneware, each is decorated with cat delights—a “MEOW,” bird, mouse, ball of yarn, cat, and fish bones (jar)—and will vary slightly.

Baltic Amber Bubble Fish Necklace

Baltic Amber Bubble Fish Necklace

Polish artisans interpret an aquatic darling—the Banded Butterfly Fish—in genuine Baltic amber and sterling silver, including bubbles. This Baltic Amber Bubble Fish Necklace has an 18"l. sterling silver omega chain and pendant. Lobster clasp.

Wood sculpture, 'Kitty Meditates' (Indonesia)

Wood sculpture, 'Kitty Meditates' (Indonesia)

Assuming a human position, a Siamese cat meditates. Nengah Sudarsana shares his deep love of animals through his sculptures. With this carving, he communicates the cat's peacefulness and serenity.

Warming Cat Bed

The Warming Cat Bed.

Recommended by veterinarians, this bed generates a gentle warmth to soothe older or arthritic pets. The soft microfleece-lined interior evenly distributes warmth and the foam cushion provides proper support.

Ornithologist's Song Bird Attractor

The Ornithologist's Song Bird Attractor.

Designed in consultation with ornithologists, the device attracts birds using calls recorded in the field, not digitally synthesized, for maximum realism. Each song represents a number of individuals and plays at naturally occurring sound levels and intervals to give birds the impression others of their species are nearby.

Murano Cat on the Aquarium Necklace

Murano Cat on the Aquarium Necklace

The pendant of this mouthblown Murano glass necklace depicts a black cat in perpetual hope of landing the goldfish within the fishbowl. Seed beads, stationed hearts, and pendant are handmade on Murano.

Cat and Fishbowl Planter/Candleholder

Cat and Fishbowl Planter/Candleholder

This Cat and Fishbowl Planter/Candleholder is functional whimsy at its most delightful. A golden cat tries to understand why all the fish swimming in brazen bas-relief on the “fishbowl” exterior cannot be found inside. Handcrafted and hand-finished aluminum, with raised interior platform.

Digital Camera Binoculars - Great for bird watching and recording

The Best Digital Camera Binoculars.

The Best model’s fully coated 32 mm objective lenses and 8X magnification allowed an analyst to read seven lines of text from 100' away, working in concert with a 5 megapixel camera that provided the most accurate picture on its preview screen, unlike lesser models’s screens that produced glare and displayed larger images but took smaller pictures.

Tabby Tantalizing Tornado Toy

The Tabby Tantalizing Tornado Toy.

This is the bowl that draws and rivets a cat’s attention with a spinning vortex of flying butterflies, feathers, and organic catnip.

Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeding Station

Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeding Station

Each of the three arms holds up to 20 pound and extends 22" out to hold the widest feeders! Features 3/8" square steel pole topper, three-piece sectional pole and galvanized steel squirrel guard to keep squirrels off.

Automatic Cat Litter Box

The Best Automatic Cat Litter Box.

After its sensor had detected that a cat had used the box and exited, The Best model waited only seven minutes to begin self-cleaning. The Best model removed debris without the clumps and clogs that plagued other units, and its design is free of the standard rake mechanism that can injure cats and is prone to jamming.

Feline Tree House

The Feline Tree House.

This is the hand-crafted natural treehouse that lets felines indulge their primeval jungle instincts. The tree is left in its natural state--gnarled branches, bark, lichen and all--and the 3/4" plywood platforms are custom-cut to fit its unique contours.

Whether pet food, pet toys, pet training, pet houses, pet RX, pet GPS tracking, fun pet presents, pet sculptures and so many more, giving a present to a pet lover is truly special.


If you don't see what you think they will love here drop me a note on live chat or if I am online you can ask me directly. You can also email me and I would happily help you find that perfect present!